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/* $XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/common/xf86Opt.h,v 1.11 2001/03/13 16:03:36 dawes Exp $ */

/* Option handling things that ModuleSetup procs can use */

#ifndef _XF86_OPT_H_
#define _XF86_OPT_H_

typedef struct {
    double freq;
    int units;
} OptFrequency;

typedef union {
    unsigned long       num;
    char *              str;
    double              realnum;
    Bool          bool;
    OptFrequency  freq;
} ValueUnion;
typedef enum {
    OPTV_NONE = 0,
    OPTV_STRING,                /* a non-empty string */
    OPTV_ANYSTR,                /* Any string, including an empty one */
} OptionValueType;

typedef enum {
    OPTUNITS_HZ = 1,
} OptFreqUnits;

typedef struct {
    int                 token;
    const char*         name;
    OptionValueType     type;
    ValueUnion          value;
    Bool                found;
} OptionInfoRec, *OptionInfoPtr;

int xf86SetIntOption(pointer optlist, const char *name, int deflt);
double xf86SetRealOption(pointer optlist, const char *name, double deflt);
char *xf86SetStrOption(pointer optlist, const char *name, char *deflt);
int xf86SetBoolOption(pointer list, const char *name, int deflt );
pointer xf86AddNewOption(pointer head, char *name, char *val );
pointer xf86NewOption(char *name, char *value );
pointer xf86NextOption(pointer list );
pointer xf86OptionListCreate(const char **options, int count, int used);
pointer xf86OptionListMerge(pointer head, pointer tail);
void xf86OptionListFree(pointer opt);
char *xf86OptionName(pointer opt);
char *xf86OptionValue(pointer opt);
void xf86OptionListReport(pointer parm);
pointer xf86FindOption(pointer options, const char *name);
char *xf86FindOptionValue(pointer options, const char *name);
void xf86MarkOptionUsed(pointer option);
void xf86MarkOptionUsedByName(pointer options, const char *name);
Bool xf86CheckIfOptionUsed(pointer option);
Bool xf86CheckIfOptionUsedByName(pointer options, const char *name);
void xf86ShowUnusedOptions(int scrnIndex, pointer options);
void xf86ProcessOptions(int scrnIndex, pointer options, OptionInfoPtr optinfo);
OptionInfoPtr xf86TokenToOptinfo(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token);
const char *xf86TokenToOptName(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token);
Bool xf86IsOptionSet(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token);
char *xf86GetOptValString(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token);
Bool xf86GetOptValInteger(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token, int *value);
Bool xf86GetOptValULong(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token, unsigned long *value);
Bool xf86GetOptValReal(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token, double *value);
Bool xf86GetOptValFreq(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token,
                  OptFreqUnits expectedUnits, double *value);
Bool xf86GetOptValBool(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token, Bool *value);
Bool xf86ReturnOptValBool(const OptionInfoRec *table, int token, Bool def);
int xf86NameCmp(const char *s1, const char *s2);
char *xf86NormalizeName(const char *s);
pointer xf86ReplaceIntOption(pointer optlist,  char *name, int val);
pointer xf86ReplaceBoolOption(pointer optlist, char *name, Bool val);
pointer xf86ReplaceStrOption(pointer optlist,  char *name, char* val);        

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