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/* $XFree86: xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/common/xf86.h,v 3.155 2001/10/01 13:44:01 eich Exp $ */

 * Copyright (c) 1997 by The XFree86 Project, Inc.

 * This file contains declarations for public XFree86 functions and variables,
 * and definitions of public macros.
 * "public" means available to video drivers.

#ifndef _XF86_H
#define _XF86_H

#include "xf86str.h"
#include "xf86Opt.h"
#include <X11/Xfuncproto.h>
#ifndef IN_MODULE
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "xf86_ansic.h"

#include "propertyst.h"

/* General parameters */
extern int xf86DoConfigure;
extern Bool xf86DoConfigurePass1;
extern int xf86ScreenIndex;         /* Index into pScreen.devPrivates */
extern int xf86CreateRootWindowIndex;     /* Index into pScreen.devPrivates */
extern int xf86PixmapIndex;
extern Bool xf86ResAccessEnter;
extern ScrnInfoPtr *xf86Screens;    /* List of pointers to ScrnInfoRecs */
extern const unsigned char byte_reversed[256];
extern PropertyPtr *xf86RegisteredPropertiesTable;
extern ScrnInfoPtr xf86CurrentScreen;
extern Bool pciSlotClaimed;
extern Bool isaSlotClaimed;
extern Bool fbSlotClaimed;
#ifdef __sparc__
extern Bool sbusSlotClaimed;
extern confDRIRec xf86ConfigDRI;

#define XF86SCRNINFO(p) ((ScrnInfoPtr)((p)->devPrivates[xf86ScreenIndex].ptr))

#define XF86FLIP_PIXELS() \
      do { \
          if (xf86GetFlipPixels()) { \
            pScreen->whitePixel = (pScreen->whitePixel) ? 0 : 1; \
            pScreen->blackPixel = (pScreen->blackPixel) ? 0 : 1; \
         } \
      while (0)

#define BOOLTOSTRING(b) ((b) ? "TRUE" : "FALSE")

#define PIX24TOBPP(p) (((p) == Pix24Use24) ? 24 : \
                  (((p) == Pix24Use32) ? 32 : 0))

/* variables for debugging */
extern char* xf86p8bit[];
extern CARD32 xf86DummyVar1;
extern CARD32 xf86DummyVar2;
extern CARD32 xf86DummyVar3;

/* Function Prototypes */

/* xf86Bus.c */

Bool xf86CheckPciSlot(int bus, int device, int func);
int xf86ClaimPciSlot(int bus, int device, int func, DriverPtr drvp,
                 int chipset, GDevPtr dev, Bool active);
Bool xf86ParsePciBusString(const char *busID, int *bus, int *device,
                     int *func);
Bool xf86ComparePciBusString(const char *busID, int bus, int device, int func);
pciVideoPtr *xf86GetPciVideoInfo(void);
#ifdef _XF86PCI_H
pciConfigPtr *xf86GetPciConfigInfo(void);
void xf86SetPciVideo(pciVideoPtr, resType);
void xf86PrintResList(int verb, resPtr list);
resPtr xf86AddRangesToList(resPtr list, resRange *pRange, int entityIndex);
int xf86ClaimIsaSlot(DriverPtr drvp, int chipset, GDevPtr dev, Bool active);
int xf86GetIsaInfoForScreen(int scrnIndex);
int  xf86GetFbInfoForScreen(int scrnIndex);
Bool xf86ParseIsaBusString(const char *busID);
int xf86ClaimFbSlot(DriverPtr drvp, int chipset, GDevPtr dev, Bool active);
void xf86EnableAccess(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn);
void xf86SetCurrentAccess(Bool Enable, ScrnInfoPtr pScrn);
Bool xf86IsPrimaryPci(pciVideoPtr pPci);
Bool xf86IsPrimaryIsa(void);
int xf86CheckPciGAType(pciVideoPtr pPci);
/* new RAC */
resPtr xf86AddResToList(resPtr rlist, resRange *Range, int entityIndex);
resPtr xf86JoinResLists(resPtr rlist1, resPtr rlist2);
resPtr xf86DupResList(const resPtr rlist);
void xf86FreeResList(resPtr rlist);
void xf86ClaimFixedResources(resList list, int entityIndex);
Bool xf86DriverHasEntities(DriverPtr drvp);
void xf86AddEntityToScreen(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int entityIndex);
void xf86SetEntityInstanceForScreen(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int entityIndex,
                            int instance);
int xf86GetNumEntityInstances(int entityIndex);
GDevPtr xf86GetDevFromEntity(int entityIndex, int instance);
void xf86RemoveEntityFromScreen(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int entityIndex);
EntityInfoPtr xf86GetEntityInfo(int entityIndex);
pciVideoPtr xf86GetPciInfoForEntity(int entityIndex);
int xf86GetPciEntity(int bus, int dev, int func);
Bool xf86SetEntityFuncs(int entityIndex, EntityProc init,
                  EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave, pointer);
void xf86DeallocateResourcesForEntity(int entityIndex, unsigned long type);
resPtr xf86RegisterResources(int entityIndex, resList list, int Access);
Bool xf86CheckPciMemBase(pciVideoPtr pPci, memType base);
void xf86SetAccessFuncs(EntityInfoPtr pEnt, xf86SetAccessFuncPtr funcs,
                  xf86SetAccessFuncPtr oldFuncs);
Bool xf86IsEntityPrimary(int entityIndex);
Bool xf86FixPciResource(int entityIndex, int prt, memType alignment,
                  unsigned long type);
resPtr xf86ReallocatePciResources(int entityIndex, resPtr pRes);
resPtr xf86SetOperatingState(resList list, int entityIndex, int mask);
void xf86EnterServerState(xf86State state);
resRange xf86GetBlock(unsigned long type, memType size,
                  memType window_start, memType window_end,
                  memType align_mask, resPtr avoid);
resRange xf86GetSparse(unsigned long type, memType fixed_bits,
                   memType decode_mask, memType address_mask,
                   resPtr avoid);
memType xf86ChkConflict(resRange *rgp, int entityIndex);
Bool xf86IsPciDevPresent(int bus, int dev, int func);
ScrnInfoPtr xf86FindScreenForEntity(int entityIndex);
Bool xf86NoSharedResources(int screenIndex, resType res);
resPtr xf86FindIntersectOfLists(resPtr l1, resPtr l2);
pciVideoPtr xf86FindPciDeviceVendor(CARD16 vendorID, CARD16 deviceID,
                            char n, pciVideoPtr pvp_exclude);
pciVideoPtr xf86FindPciClass(CARD8 intf, CARD8 subClass, CARD16 class,
                       char n, pciVideoPtr pvp_exclude);
void xf86EnablePciBusMaster(pciVideoPtr pPci, Bool enable);
void xf86RegisterStateChangeNotificationCallback(xf86StateChangeNotificationCallbackFunc func, pointer arg);
Bool xf86DeregisterStateChangeNotificationCallback(xf86StateChangeNotificationCallbackFunc func);
#ifdef async
Bool xf86QueueAsyncEvent(void (*func)(pointer),pointer arg);

int xf86GetLastScrnFlag(int entityIndex);
void xf86SetLastScrnFlag(int entityIndex, int scrnIndex);
Bool xf86IsEntityShared(int entityIndex);
void xf86SetEntityShared(int entityIndex);
Bool xf86IsEntitySharable(int entityIndex);
void xf86SetEntitySharable(int entityIndex);
Bool xf86IsPrimInitDone(int entityIndex);
void xf86SetPrimInitDone(int entityIndex);
void xf86ClearPrimInitDone(int entityIndex);
int xf86AllocateEntityPrivateIndex(void);
DevUnion *xf86GetEntityPrivate(int entityIndex, int privIndex);

/* xf86Configure.c */
GDevPtr xf86AddBusDeviceToConfigure(const char *driver, BusType bus,
                            void *busData, int chipset);
GDevPtr xf86AddDeviceToConfigure(const char *driver, pciVideoPtr pVideo,
                         int chipset);
/* xf86Cursor.c */

void xf86LockZoom(ScreenPtr pScreen, int lock);
void xf86InitViewport(ScrnInfoPtr pScr);
void xf86SetViewport(ScreenPtr pScreen, int x, int y);
Bool xf86ZoomLocked(ScreenPtr pScreen);
void xf86ZoomViewport(ScreenPtr pScreen, int zoom);
void *xf86GetPointerScreenFuncs(void);
void xf86InitOrigins(void);
/* xf86DPMS.c */

Bool xf86DPMSInit(ScreenPtr pScreen, DPMSSetProcPtr set, int flags);

/* xf86DGA.c */

Bool DGAInit(ScreenPtr pScreen, DGAFunctionPtr funcs, DGAModePtr modes, 
                  int num);
xf86SetDGAModeProc xf86SetDGAMode;

/* xf86Events.c */

void SetTimeSinceLastInputEvent(void);
pointer xf86AddInputHandler(int fd, InputHandlerProc proc, pointer data);
int xf86RemoveInputHandler(pointer handler);
void xf86DisableInputHandler(pointer handler);
void xf86EnableInputHandler(pointer handler);
void xf86InterceptSignals(int *signo);
Bool xf86EnableVTSwitch(Bool new);

/* xf86Helper.c */

void xf86AddDriver(DriverPtr driver, pointer module, int flags);
void xf86DeleteDriver(int drvIndex);
ScrnInfoPtr xf86AllocateScreen(DriverPtr drv, int flags);
void xf86DeleteScreen(int scrnIndex, int flags);
int xf86AllocateScrnInfoPrivateIndex(void);
Bool xf86AddPixFormat(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int depth, int bpp, int pad);
Bool xf86SetDepthBpp(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, int depth, int bpp, int fbbpp,
                 int depth24flags);
void xf86PrintDepthBpp(ScrnInfoPtr scrp);
Bool xf86SetWeight(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, rgb weight, rgb mask);
Bool xf86SetDefaultVisual(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, int visual);
Bool xf86SetGamma(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, Gamma newGamma);
void xf86SetDpi(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int x, int y);
void xf86SetBlackWhitePixels(ScreenPtr pScreen);
void xf86EnableDisableFBAccess(int scrnIndex, Bool enable);
void xf86VDrvMsgVerb(int scrnIndex, MessageType type, int verb,
                 const char *format, va_list args);
void xf86DrvMsgVerb(int scrnIndex, MessageType type, int verb,
                const char *format, ...);
void xf86DrvMsg(int scrnIndex, MessageType type, const char *format, ...);
void xf86MsgVerb(MessageType type, int verb, const char *format, ...);
void xf86Msg(MessageType type, const char *format, ...);
void xf86ErrorFVerb(int verb, const char *format, ...);
void xf86ErrorF(const char *format, ...);
const char *xf86TokenToString(SymTabPtr table, int token);
int xf86StringToToken(SymTabPtr table, const char *string);
void xf86ShowClocks(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, MessageType from);
void xf86PrintChipsets(const char *drvname, const char *drvmsg,
                   SymTabPtr chips);
int xf86MatchDevice(const char *drivername, GDevPtr **driversectlist);
int xf86MatchPciInstances(const char *driverName, int vendorID, 
                  SymTabPtr chipsets, PciChipsets *PCIchipsets,
                  GDevPtr *devList, int numDevs, DriverPtr drvp,
                  int **foundEntities);
int xf86MatchIsaInstances(const char *driverName, SymTabPtr chipsets,
                    IsaChipsets *ISAchipsets, DriverPtr drvp,
                    FindIsaDevProc FindIsaDevice, GDevPtr *devList,
                    int numDevs, int **foundEntities);
void xf86GetClocks(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int num,
               Bool (*ClockFunc)(ScrnInfoPtr, int),
               void (*ProtectRegs)(ScrnInfoPtr, Bool),
               void (*BlankScreen)(ScrnInfoPtr, Bool), int vertsyncreg,
               int maskval, int knownclkindex, int knownclkvalue);
void xf86SetPriority(Bool up);
const char *xf86GetVisualName(int visual);
int xf86GetVerbosity(void);
Pix24Flags xf86GetPix24(void);
int xf86GetDepth(void);
rgb xf86GetWeight(void);
Gamma xf86GetGamma(void);
Bool xf86GetFlipPixels(void);
const char *xf86GetServerName(void);
Bool xf86ServerIsExiting(void);
Bool xf86ServerIsResetting(void);
Bool xf86ServerIsInitialising(void);
Bool xf86ServerIsOnlyDetecting(void);
Bool xf86ServerIsOnlyProbing(void);
Bool xf86CaughtSignal(void);
Bool xf86GetVidModeAllowNonLocal(void);
Bool xf86GetVidModeEnabled(void);
Bool xf86GetModInDevAllowNonLocal(void);
Bool xf86GetModInDevEnabled(void);
Bool xf86GetAllowMouseOpenFail(void);
Bool xf86IsPc98(void);
pointer xf86LoadDrvSubModule(DriverPtr drv, const char *name);
pointer xf86LoadSubModule(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, const char *name);
pointer xf86LoadOneModule(char *name, pointer optlist);
void xf86UnloadSubModule(pointer mod);
Bool xf86LoaderCheckSymbol(const char *name);
void xf86LoaderReqSymLists(const char **, ...);
void xf86LoaderReqSymbols(const char *, ...);
void xf86LoaderRefSymLists(const char **, ...);
void xf86LoaderRefSymbols(const char *, ...);
void xf86SetBackingStore(ScreenPtr pScreen);
void xf86SetSilkenMouse(ScreenPtr pScreen);
int xf86NewSerialNumber(WindowPtr p, pointer unused);
pointer xf86FindXvOptions(int scrnIndex, int adapt_index, char *port_name,
                    char **adaptor_name, pointer *adaptor_options);
void xf86GetOS(const char **name, int *major, int *minor, int *teeny);
ScrnInfoPtr xf86ConfigPciEntity(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int scrnFlag,
                        int entityIndex,PciChipsets *p_chip,
                        resList res, EntityProc init,
                        EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                        pointer private);
ScrnInfoPtr xf86ConfigIsaEntity(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int scrnFlag,
                        int entityIndex, IsaChipsets *i_chip,
                        resList res, EntityProc init,
                        EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                        pointer private); 
ScrnInfoPtr xf86ConfigFbEntity(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int scrnFlag, 
                         int entityIndex, EntityProc init, 
                         EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave, 
                         pointer private);
/* Obsolete! don't use */
Bool xf86ConfigActivePciEntity(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn,
                        int entityIndex,PciChipsets *p_chip,
                        resList res, EntityProc init,
                        EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                        pointer private);
/* Obsolete! don't use */
Bool xf86ConfigActiveIsaEntity(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn,
                        int entityIndex, IsaChipsets *i_chip,
                        resList res, EntityProc init,
                        EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                        pointer private); 
void xf86ConfigPciEntityInactive(EntityInfoPtr pEnt, PciChipsets *p_chip,
                         resList res, EntityProc init,
                         EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                         pointer private);
void xf86ConfigIsaEntityInactive(EntityInfoPtr pEnt, IsaChipsets *i_chip,
                         resList res, EntityProc init,
                         EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave,
                         pointer private);
void xf86ConfigFbEntityInactive(EntityInfoPtr pEnt, EntityProc init, 
                        EntityProc enter, EntityProc leave, 
                        pointer private);
Bool xf86IsScreenPrimary(int scrnIndex);
int  xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty(int ScrnIndex, Atom     property, Atom type,
                            int format, unsigned long len,
                            pointer value);
Bool xf86IsUnblank(int mode);

#ifdef XFree86LOADER
void xf86AddModuleInfo(ModuleInfoPtr info, pointer module);
void xf86DeleteModuleInfo(int idx);

/* xf86Debug.c */
 void xf86Break1(void);
void xf86Break2(void);
void xf86Break3(void);
CARD8  xf86PeekFb8(CARD8  *p);
CARD16 xf86PeekFb16(CARD16 *p);
CARD32 xf86PeekFb32(CARD32 *p);
void xf86PokeFb8(CARD8  *p, CARD8  v);
void xf86PokeFb16(CARD16 *p, CARD16 v);
void xf86PokeFb32(CARD16 *p, CARD32 v);
CARD8  xf86PeekMmio8(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset);
CARD16 xf86PeekMmio16(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset);
CARD32 xf86PeekMmio32(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset);
void xf86PokeMmio8(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset, CARD8  v);
void xf86PokeMmio16(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset, CARD16 v);
void xf86PokeMmio32(pointer Base, unsigned long Offset, CARD32 v);
extern void xf86SPTimestamp(xf86TsPtr* timestamp, char* string);
extern void xf86STimestamp(xf86TsPtr* timestamp);
/* xf86Init.c */

PixmapFormatPtr xf86GetPixFormat(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int depth);
int xf86GetBppFromDepth(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int depth);

/* xf86Mode.c */

int xf86GetNearestClock(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, int freq, Bool allowDiv2,
                  int DivFactor, int MulFactor, int *divider);
const char *xf86ModeStatusToString(ModeStatus status);
ModeStatus xf86LookupMode(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, DisplayModePtr modep,
                    ClockRangePtr clockRanges, LookupModeFlags strategy);
ModeStatus xf86CheckModeForMonitor(DisplayModePtr mode, MonPtr monitor);
ModeStatus xf86InitialCheckModeForDriver(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, DisplayModePtr mode,
                               ClockRangePtr clockRanges,
                               LookupModeFlags strategy,
                               int maxPitch, int virtualX,
                               int virtualY);
ModeStatus xf86CheckModeForDriver(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, DisplayModePtr mode,
                          int flags);
int xf86ValidateModes(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, DisplayModePtr availModes,
                  char **modeNames, ClockRangePtr clockRanges,
                  int *linePitches, int minPitch, int maxPitch,
                  int minHeight, int maxHeight, int pitchInc,
                  int virtualX, int virtualY, int apertureSize,
                  LookupModeFlags strategy);
void xf86DeleteMode(DisplayModePtr *modeList, DisplayModePtr mode);
void xf86PruneDriverModes(ScrnInfoPtr scrp);
void xf86SetCrtcForModes(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, int adjustFlags);
void xf86PrintModes(ScrnInfoPtr scrp);
void xf86ShowClockRanges(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, ClockRangePtr clockRanges);

/* xf86Option.c */

void xf86CollectOptions(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, pointer extraOpts);

/* xf86VidModeExtentionInit.c */

Bool VidModeExtensionInit(ScreenPtr pScreen);

#endif /* _NO_XF86_PROTOTYPES */

#endif /* _XF86_H */

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